Welcome to StrategyLab, where visionary ideas meet execution. Our lab is a dynamic, interactive space designed for leaders, teams, and organizations committed to pioneering strategic initiatives and driving sustainable growth. Through a blend of experiential learning, expert facilitation, and practical tools we empower you to transform your strategic insights into action.  At the heart of StrategyLab’s transformative experience is the enchanting Villa Poranek, a venue where the magic of strategy unfolds amidst human connection. Villa Poranek is not just a location, but a catalyst for creativity, strategic reflection, and breakthrough thinking.

What is StrategyLab?

StrategyLab is an immersive experience that guides your team through the process of strategic exploration, ideation, and implementation. It combines the rigor of practical frameworks with the hands-on approach of workshops to create, assess, and refine your business strategy in real-time, facilitated by experienced and recognized professionals.

Our Core Offerings:

Strategy Day:
Strategy Sounding Board

Dive deep into your current strategies with our Strategy Day—a dedicated session designed as a strategic sounding board. Engage with our experts in a rigorous review of your strategy, and strategic initiatives, receiving unbiased feedback, and actionable insights. Ideal for leadership teams seeking an external perspective to challenge their thinking and validate their strategic direction or craft new strategic options. 

Strategic Thinking Mindset:
Development Program

Elevate your strategic acumen with our Development Program focused on cultivating a Strategic Thinking Mindset. Through interactive workshops, case studies, and reflective exercises, participants are empowered to think critically, anticipate change, and innovate within their strategic roles. This program is perfect for individuals and teams looking to embed strategic thinking into the core of their decision-making processes and strategic management.

Open Program:
Art of Strategy Mapping

„If you have problem with your strategy then map it”. Our Open Program on the Art of Strategy Mapping offers a hands-on experience in visualizing and navigating complex strategic landscapes. Learn to articulate, communicate, and align strategic objectives using powerful mapping techniques. This program is suited for strategists, planners, and managers aiming to enhance stakeholder engagement and strategic clarity across their organizations. 

Strategy Practitioners' Forum:
Quarterly Trends & Technologies

Our exclusive quarterly Practitioners’ Forum, a gathering of strategy professionals discussing the latest trends in strategy management and the application of cutting-edge technologies in the field. This intimate setting encourages open dialogue, networking, and the exchange of ideas on forward-thinking strategy practices as well as practical cased studies. Forum will be organized together with external partners of Experiential Learning Hub and will be held in Villa Poranek.

The program is designed for max 20 participants, consists of 3 one-day modules, with 2 Action Learning sessions for 4 teams in between.

Who Should Attend

C-Suite Executive Teams looking to innovate and lead market changes.

Strategic Planners seeking fresh perspectives and frameworks.

Business Development Teams aiming to identify new growth avenues.

Entrepreneurs and Startups crafting their go-to-market or scale-up strategies.

Anyone within the organization committed to leading strategic initiatives and fostering a culture of continuous strategic learning and adaptation.

Key Features:

Diverse Learning Formats: From interactive workshops to strategy mapping sessions and high-level forums, our offerings cater to various learning and development needs.

Expert-Led Sessions: Learn from and interact with leading strategists and technology experts.

Networking Opportunities: Build valuable connections with peers and thought leaders in the strategic management field.

Beautiful Venue: Experience the inspiring ambiance of Villa Poranek, fostering reflection, creativity, and strategic breakthroughs.


Deepened Strategic Insight: Gain clarity and confidence in your strategic decisions and tools that can be immediately applied to navigate your organization towards its strategic goals.

Enhanced Innovation: Unlock new perspectives and pathways for strategic innovation.

Effective Communication: Master the art of articulating and aligning strategic visions.

Dynamic Leadership: Cultivate the skills to lead strategically in an ever-changing business landscape.

Up-to-Date Knowledge: Stay informed about the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of strategic management.

Actionable Insights: Gain practical strategies and tools that can be immediately applied to navigate your organization towards its strategic goals.

Community of Practice: Become part of a vibrant community of strategy practitioners dedicated to mutual learning and advancement.

StrategyLab is more than a place; it's a movement towards empowering decision-makers with the tools, insights, and network to lead with confidence and creativity in today’s fast-paced world.

Edward Konrad Stanoch

Join Us:

Embrace the future of strategic management with StrategyLab. Whether you’re refining your strategic direction, enhancing your strategic thinking capabilities, mastering strategy mapping, or engaging with the latest strategic trends and technologies, our offerings are designed to elevate your strategic impact. Contact us to explore how you can benefit from our next session at Villa Poranek or participate in our other dynamic programs.


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