Masterclass – mastering skills,

shaping mindsets

These 3-hour focused learning experiences, led by experts, provide the opportunity for gaining and developing skills, deepening knowledge and building a network of contacts. In an intimate setting with a group up to 15,  participants can learn and interact with the expert and each other.


Masterclasses are provided in an open formula as well as tailored to specific company or team needs.



„When you have a problem with your strategy then map it"

Strategy mapping provides a structured, comprehensive and balanced approach to developing, communicating, and executing a company’s strategic plan. The art of strategy mapping enables leaders to create a well-balanced strategy that aligns with the organization's transformative purpose and aspirations, engages employees, and adapts to changing circumstances.
Consider strategy mapping an art form. Learn this craft from one of the most experienced strategy „cartographers” and strategy executive consultant in the Polish market, who also co-creates Strategy LAB at ELH.

Master Class Objectives:
• Master the skill of strategy mapping and learn how to use it to visualize, communicate, and cascade your strategy more effectively
• Learn to detect and avoid common pitfalls in strategy execution
• Discover how strategy mapping can test the logic of your current strategy
• Explore new IT applications that help connect and align employees with your company's strategy
• Share ideas and network with like-minded practitioners

• Enhanced facilitation skills to lead strategic discussions in your organization
• Practical framework to visualize any strategy and create organizational alignment
• Knowledge about recent development in the field of strategy execution and supporting technologiesere

Expert: Edward (Konrad) Stanoch



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    In the fast-paced world of business and leadership, setbacks and failures are inevitable challenges that we all face. These experiences can shake our confidence, hinder our progress, and even lead to self-doubt. The ability to effectively navigate through setbacks and failures is a crucial skill that separates high-performing individuals and thriving organizations from the rest. This masterclass is specifically designed to equip you with the tools, techniques, and mindset needed to overcome adversity and transform setbacks into stepping stones towards success.

    Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a seasoned manager, or a leader in your organization, this masterclass is tailored to you if you:
    Have encountered setbacks or failures that have impacted your self-confidence and decision-making.
    Want to develop resilience strategies that will help you bounce back stronger from challenges.
    Aim to lead your team through tough times and inspire a culture of growth and adaptability.

    During this masterclass, you will:
    Uncover the underlying factors that contribute to setbacks and understand how they impact your professional journey.
    Discover personalized approaches to managing stress, self-doubt, and negative emotions in the face of adversity.
    Develop a growth-oriented mindset that embraces failures as valuable learning opportunities.
    Learn effective communication strategies to guide your team through challenging times and foster a sense of unity.
    Gain practical techniques to reframe setbacks and channel them into actions that drive you closer to your goals.

    By participating in the Masterclass, you will gain:
    Increased confidence in your ability to handle setbacks, fostering a more resilient approach to challenges.
    Improved decision-making skills even in high-pressure situations, leading to more informed and strategic choices.
    Enhanced leadership capabilities to guide your team through adversity, creating a culture of shared growth and empowerment.
    The confidence to innovate and take calculated risks, driving creativity and progress within your organization.
    A stronger sense of personal and professional growth, allowing you to thrive in the face of uncertainty.
    Join us for this transformative masterclass that will empower you to not only navigate through setbacks and failures but also leverage them to reach new heights of success. Embrace resilience, cultivate growth, and lead with confidence in the ever-evolving landscape of business and leadership.

    Marcin Rudawski – 6 times World Champion in sailing, mentor and high-performance coach

    Expert: Marcin Rudawski



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      The impostor phenomenon affects over 70% of us, impacting primarily our professional life, because the belief that we are not as intelligent, capable, qualified or talented as other people think, makes us feel afraid of exposure. Because of that we lose courage, self confidence and creativity, and companies become less innovative with lower employee engagement losing on financials.

      If you:
      -are afraid to step out of line, express your opinion, propose a solution or stand up to an unethical practice,
      -spend a lot of time preparing for meetings, presentations, analyses, endlessly polishing e-mails or slides, you work excessively taking on new tasks
      -postpone your business idea, key action in the project, important report or presentation
      -are constantly afraid of the opinions of others and believe that you should demonstrate competence and self-confidence regardless of the situation
      -or you want to help your team members deal with impostor feelings

      This masterclass is for you, because you will:
      -understand the source of impostor feelings,
      -discover your personal scheme of dealing with fear,
      -transform your beliefs about competence and self-confidence

      -Greater willingness to speak up and take on challanges
      -Understanding your own behavioral patterns caused by impostor syndrome and ability to deal with them
      -Stronger courage to innovate, test and act despite other’s opinions

      Expert: Dagmara Seliga-Krawczyńska


      16 September

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        Today’s dynamic, turbulent and uncertain times put the capabilities of leaders responsible for teams and business to the test. Mental toughness becomes a key competence, helping to navigate in a changing environment - and a growth mindset starts to play a crucial role in the perception of challenges.
        People with a growth mindset can change their perspective from seeing blockers and threats to create possibilities from the unknown, and adapt effectively in a changing environment. They are more flexible, open and ready for learning, testing and innovating.

        Therefore, If you:
        -struggle with constant change and are missing opportunities to perform,
        -feel lost in a turbulent world,
        -want to know what builds your mental toughness,
        -want to understand how your mindset impacts your decisions and actions.

        This masterclass is for you!

        Through a team game, group and individual reflections, we will unpack your mental toughness model and the connection between your mindset, beliefs and decisions. Thanks to that you will:
        -be more effective in turbulent moments,
        -see more opportunities rather than obstacles,
        -feel more comfortable in uncertainty.

        Expert: Maria Juraszczyk



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