Developing globally minded leaders through tailored learning experiences


An ecosystem created by a group of professional Mentors with
international experience, who share common ambitions and values
regarding leadership.
We create space for reflection and learning, and the “magic” happens
when people with different backgrounds and outlooks come together.
Learning is achieved by experimenting and sharing experiences.


The purpose of our programs is to help bridge the gap between knowing about leadership from theory and exercising “human-centric” leadership skills in real life. We build our programs according to the individual needs of particular clients and participants. Each of the courses is custom designed using experiential learning methods.


Our Team of ELH Mentors consists of people with different professional backgrounds, from consulting, technology, communication, marketing, to coaching and academia. And our range of knowledge is the foundation behind the great library of business experiences of ELH. By employing these to best address the needs of clients, we are able to design original, multi-faceted development programs for Leaders.

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Together with Koźminski University, a leader in business education in Central Europe according to the European Business Schools Ranking (Financial Times) – we have prepared a post MBA programme specifically designed for Global minded leaders. The Experiential learning programme is based on original Labs divided into three key blocks: MANAGING THE PRESENT AND THE PAST, CREATING THE ENVIRONMENT FOR SUCCESS , CREATING THE FUTURE. The aim of the programme is to develop leadership competences in managers leading or wishing to lead international organisations consciously and successfully.

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We will work with you to create a dedicated leadership development programme within your organisation. Our mentors will meet with you to identify the needs within your organization – during the first meeting; we will select the best tools and propose a team to lead the whole programme. We have international experience in supporting processes of change, development, overseas expansion, succession, crisis management – we know very well the challenges of different moments in the history of an organisation; and therefore the specific needs of the team and its leaders.


Action Learning is a unique method of individual and
 group development through experience. 
Basing on the Action Learning method we offer:

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Utilising the knowledge and experience of our mentors and guest mentors from around the world, we also offer masterclasses focused on a single topic, problem or competence. We organise one-day masterclasses as open classes for small groups or tailored to the needs of a specific organisation. Masterclasses include excerpts from and references to holistic leadership programmes, and are a very good activity for integrating the leadership team; inspiring and providing practical guidance.

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Villa Poranek – Home of meeting and ideas

Villa Poranek
is dedicated to helping leaders and their teams to succeed in our rapidly changing world

Organisations thrive on passion, collective energy, team commitments and emotional connections to purpose. We observe how important it is to be physically together in a relaxed, creative environment to learn from each other and solve complex problems.

Everything at Villa Poranek has been designed to provide the best environment to enjoy quality time together – to talk, reflect and learn and develop new ideas and strategies.