Art of Strategy Mapping

„When you have a problem with your strategy then map it”


Strategy mapping provides a structured, comprehensive and balanced approach to developing, communicating, and executing a company’s strategic plan. The art of strategy mapping enables leaders to create a well-balanced strategy that aligns with the organization’s transformative purpose and aspirations, engages employees, and adapts to changing circumstances.

Consider strategy mapping an art form. Learn this craft from one of the most experienced strategy „cartographers” and strategy executive consultant in the Polish market, who also co-creates Strategy LAB at ELH.

Master Class Objectives:

  • Master the skill of strategy mapping and learn how to use it to visualize, communicate, and cascade your strategy more effectively
  • Learn to detect and avoid common pitfalls in strategy execution
  • Discover how strategy mapping can test the logic of your current strategy
  • Explore new IT applications that help connect and align employees with your company’s strategy
  • Share ideas and network with like-minded practitioners


  • Enhanced facilitation skills to lead strategic discussions in your organization
  • Practical framework to visualize any strategy and create organizational alignment
  • Knowledge about recent development in the field of strategy execution and supporting technologies

Expert: Edward (Konrad) Stanoch



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    Edward (Konrad) Stanoch

    International Strategy Executive Consultant & Academic Lecturer, INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance

    My purpose is to build open, engaging and healthy, human centric organisations effectively leveraging new technologies and business models. My driving force is curiosity (e.g. attending Singularity University programs, running my own start-up) and adventure (e.g. taking part in polar expeditions, training triathlon). They make me take up new challenges, testing the limits of my own endurance and striving to increase my personal effectiveness and awareness. I translate the acquired knowledge and experience into business, to solve strategic problems with my corporate clients and develop their leaders and executive teams, working closely with the ecosystem of passionate professionals who share the same purpose and aspirations. My work is focused mainly on top executive teams of traditional and start-up organisations to increase their strategic alignment and engagement through a set of strategic interactive workshops as well as being an independent member of supervisory boards.